Collection of Data

The primary source for the current report comes from proprietary surveys to individuals that have currently hired a coach. For which, we defined a coach as; A coach is anyone who teaches, instructs, or trains you in one or more areas of your life. All survey data is collected from random participants in electronic form. The most recent report included 5,150 survey samples collected in July of 2021.

Sample Distribution and Size

A key principle in market research is sample diversity. Without a diverse sample you could end up with biased or unbalanced results. We went to great effort to make sure our samples were geographically and demographically diverse. All participants included individuals 16 and older from varying demographics around the United States.

Since this survey was conducted in electronic form, we used the total adult population that has access to the Internet as the total adult population, 247.9 million U.S. adults. Pew Research Broadband Access

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